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Wild Organic Shapes

aneeD for Vegan currently operates on a 4-hour pre-order system. Please call 818-927-2433 (Chef) for special requests.

Curb-side pick-up only.

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aneeD for Vegan Collage

a.neeD for Vegan

...Because Vegan Food Should Taste Good

Who We Are

ChefDeena shares delicious Vegan Soul-Inspired food.
Whether you're just starting out plant-based, or you enjoy Dr. Sebi-Approved Alkaline recipes, aneeD for Vegan has something for everyone! Enjoy Plant-Based alternatives to fulfill your cravings for beef, chicken, and seafood. #aneeDforVegan.


Popular Dishes

Sustainably Delicious

She-Krab Soup

Our Breakfast is not meant to be cute. It’s meant to satisfy you breaking your fast.  Click on to order now.

Birria Tacos!

The term “must-have” may be a cliché, but we definitely have some signature goods that you just have to try. Come taste and see what the Lord has allowed us to make for you! Explore our menu to find new favorites to fall in love with.

Breakfast Platter

Our delicious Plant-Based Birria Tacos are impossible to resist. At a.neeD for Vegan, we make sure to provide the freshest and most nutritious recipes, so you can enjoy your favorites wherever you are.

Opening Hours

Call BEFORE 4pm for Pick-up Today!

Tuesday - Saturday
12:00pm - 8:00pm

Sunday and Monday

Contact Us

(818)927-2433 (CHEF)

aneeD for Beef Stir-fry
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