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a.neeD for Vegan

WHO: Meet up with Chef Deena to try some delicious Vegan Soul-Inspired Food!

WHAT: Annual Berkely Reunion

WHEN: Friday, August 11th, 5 pm - 9 pm

Saturday, August 12th 12 noon - 7 pm &

Sunday, August 13th, 10 am - 7 pm

WHERE: 701 Berkely Avenue Ext, Norfolk, VA 23523

WHY: Whether you're just starting out plant-based, or you enjoy Dr. Sebi-inspired alkaline dishes, Chef Deena has something for you! Plus Vegan Pop-ups are a great way to socialize and meet fellow vegans!

Chik'N-Fried Mushrooms (CFM)
aneeD for Vegan Popcorn!.png
Quinoa Stir-fry!.png
Chocolate Chip Cookies!.png
BBQ Pulled Shrooms

our kitchen will be closed as we prepare!

We will REOPEN on August 14th!

Follow our Event Brite page for more excitng events. Stay informed!

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